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About Me!

About Me!



First I will introduce myself, I am Valerie de Lange 33 years old, and mother of three children, two sons Jason(10) & Dean(5)
and one little daughter Megan(3)(look at the piqture above).
I live in the Hague, Holland. I started in November 2018!

When i was a little girl, i Always made jewellery with my little sister and best friends, at my mom's house at the large dining table.
Later i also worked for a jewellery brand, and was staff of the production of it. Learned alot from them.
You can say that jewellery Always finds a way back to me.

I also think, and of course this is my personal opinion. That you can look completely different with "Basic clothing" by just changing the jewellery and accessories!

.....BE STYLISH.....

And i already hear you think. how do you get by that name?!
Well, since the day my daugther Megan was born we had alot of nicknames for her, And Maggiemagoo was one of them!
so its a nice name to link to my company.♥

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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